United States Offline Racing Series

Welcome to USORS Racing. You are invited to join our community and have some fun. This endeavor is 100% a volunteer effort. The great thing about USORS is you can race whenever you have free time, since it is "offline". We will post a race schedule at the beginning of the season that specifies which rFactor vehicle to use and which track to race. We primarily run dirt oval tracks. You will have to setup rFactor to run 30 laps and finish the best you can, but you don't even have to win your race! Submit your race results via email by the posted deadline at midnight CST and results will be posted in the following days. The points system is simple. Your overall time to complete your race is what determines your placement, and we award a bonus point for whoever turns the fastest lap during the race. If you have questions please visit the forum and someone will be glad to help you. We hope you will join us soon for some fun dirt racing!

DWD Super Late Models at DWD Hagerstown (12Jan19)

The USORS Winter Won”DIRT’land Series made its second stop in the Super Late Model portion of our season at DWD Hagerstown Speedway 2018.  We had a very good turnout of drivers as we had return appearances by DrBrown54, Wayneman, and Shane13B, to go along with Ken05K and Dirt Devil 96.  Welcome back you guys and thanks for racing with us this week!  The fast 1/2 mile track at Hagerstown made for some exciting action and high speeds on the long straights.  When the checkered flag dropped, DrBrown54 crossed the finish line 1st, with a race time of 10:32.5544, for his 1st victory this season.  Great Job DrBrown54 on the well deserved victory!  Dirt Devil 96 came to the stripe in 2nd, with a race time of 10:37.5234.  The podium was completed by Shane13B, with a race time of 10:43.8856.  See entire race results below or visit our race results forum on our website.

This weeks fast lap bonus point was awarded to Ken05K with a breathtakingly fast lap time of 20.1563.  Congrats Ken!  2nd fastest lap went to DrBrown54, with a lap time of 20.5596.  3rd fastest lap time went to Dirt Devil 96, with a lap time of 20.6299.

DWD Super Late Models at DWD Lucas Oil (5Jan19)

The USORS Winter Won’DIRT’Land opened up its 2nd part of the season, by taking the DWD Super Late Models to DWD Lucas Oil Speedway.  To say that this race was difficult and frustrating is an understatement!  This race turned into yet another match race between Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K, as they were the only drivers to attend the event this week.  Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K battled and slammed their way through the traffic and tight racing conditions, after the race, I don’t believe their was a straight piece of sheet metal on either car.  When the dust finally cleared, Dirt Devil 96 took the race victory with a dominating performance, as he posted a race time of 8:13.6704.  Congrats Dirt Devil 96!!  Ken05K battled hard and came home in 2nd place, with a race time of 8:44.2031.  Congrats Ken05K on the 2nd place finish.

This weeks Bonus point for fastest lap goes to Dirt Devil 96 as he turned a lap of 15.9209.

DWD Big Block Modified at DWD Volusia (29Dec18)

The USORS Winter Won’DIRT’land Series traveled to DWD Volusia Speedway Park for the final race of the the Big Block Modified season. This week we were able to fill out the podium, as our good friend Robert Wayne Bridges, aka “Wayneman”, returned to action here at USORS. Great to have you back Wayneman! This race, like the others in the modifieds, was pretty tight. Dirt Devil 96 takes the hard earned victory, with a race time of 8:57.7643, with the victory Dirt Devil 96 also clinches the Big Block Modified Championship! Awesome Job! Ken05K comes home in 2nd place, with a race time of 9:02.8433. By finishing 2nd, Ken05K overtakes Shane13B to claim the runner-up in the final Big Block Modified Points, Congrats Ken05K!! Wayneman comes to the checkers in 3rd place with a race time of 9:14.5347 to round out our podium. Dirt Devil 96, Ken05K, and Wayneman, please post your setups and tell how you drove the track.  These setups can be found under Race Results in our forum.  Begin the new year by racing with us as we move from the Big Block Modifieds to the Super Late Models racing at DWD Lucas Oil with race results due by January 5th.

DWD Big Block Modifieds at DWD Oshweken

As the USORS Winter Won’DIRT’land Series continues, This weekends event, the Bud Light 200, held at the DWD Ohsweken Speedway 2018, became a match race between Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K. Mainly due to the fact that they were the only two drivers to show up! The competition was so intense that cars were “flipping” everywhere, LOL!!! After a very close battle back and forth between the 2 drivers, Dirt Devil 96 came to the checkers 1st, with a race time of 8:21.9028, just ahead of 2nd place finisher Ken05K, with a race time of 8:23.8690. Congratulations to Dirt Devil 96 on the race win, and Ken05K on the 2nd place finish. Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K, please post your setups and tell how you drove the track.

The bonus point for fastest lap goes to Dirt Devil 96, with a lap time of 16.1573. Ken05K had the 2nd fastest lap time with a lap of 16.1926.

DWD Big Block Modifieds at DWD Grandview Speedway (15Dec18)

On December 15, 2018 USORS ran race 2 of 12 in the USORS 2019 Winter Won’DIRT’land Series. This was also race 2 of 4 in the Dirt Works Design Big Block Modified Division 2015. Shane Maddie “Shane13B” picks up the 30 lap feature win at DWD Grandview Speedway with a race time of 7:53.2635, gaining his first victory of the winter season. Ken Slater “Ken05K” takes home a hard fought 2nd place finish with a race time of 7:53.2869. Dirt Devil 96 rounds out the field and the podium with a third place finish and a race time of 7:56.3408. Congratulations to this week’s top 3 finishers. Complete race results can be found in the Race Results section of the Forum.

Ken05K takes home the bonus point for the fastest lap in the race with a lap time of 15.1781. Dirt Devil 96 had the second fastest lap with a time of 15.3518 and Shane13B had the third fastest time with a lap of 15.3592.

Shane13B has taken the overall points lead after 2 races with a 2 pt. lead over Dirt Devil 96. Ken05K has 3rd place nailed down, and is only 1 pt. behind 2nd place. Alex Barribo rounds out the standings with 2 pts.

Next week USORS takes the Dirt Works Designs Big Block Modifieds 2015 to Ohsweken Speedway for the Bud Light 200 (30Laps). This will be race 3 of 4 in the Big Block Modified Division and race 3 of 4 in the winter series. Race results are due before midnight Central Standard Time on 12-22-18. Come out and join the Fun!