DWD Big Block Modifieds at DWD Oshweken

As the USORS Winter Won’DIRT’land Series continues, This weekends event, the Bud Light 200, held at the DWD Ohsweken Speedway 2018, became a match race between Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K. Mainly due to the fact that they were the only two drivers to show up! The competition was so intense that cars were “flipping” everywhere, LOL!!! After a very close battle back and forth between the 2 drivers, Dirt Devil 96 came to the checkers 1st, with a race time of 8:21.9028, just ahead of 2nd place finisher Ken05K, with a race time of 8:23.8690. Congratulations to Dirt Devil 96 on the race win, and Ken05K on the 2nd place finish. Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K, please post your setups and tell how you drove the track.

The bonus point for fastest lap goes to Dirt Devil 96, with a lap time of 16.1573. Ken05K had the 2nd fastest lap time with a lap of 16.1926.