DWD Super Late Models at DWD Lucas Oil (5Jan19)

The USORS Winter Won’DIRT’Land opened up its 2nd part of the season, by taking the DWD Super Late Models to DWD Lucas Oil Speedway.  To say that this race was difficult and frustrating is an understatement!  This race turned into yet another match race between Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K, as they were the only drivers to attend the event this week.  Dirt Devil 96 and Ken05K battled and slammed their way through the traffic and tight racing conditions, after the race, I don’t believe their was a straight piece of sheet metal on either car.  When the dust finally cleared, Dirt Devil 96 took the race victory with a dominating performance, as he posted a race time of 8:13.6704.  Congrats Dirt Devil 96!!  Ken05K battled hard and came home in 2nd place, with a race time of 8:44.2031.  Congrats Ken05K on the 2nd place finish.

This weeks Bonus point for fastest lap goes to Dirt Devil 96 as he turned a lap of 15.9209.