League Rules

The Basics:
1) Have Fun!! That’s what this league is all about.
2) Cheating will be dealt with severely!  There is quite a bit of info available in your log files to identify cheating, so don’t bother trying.
3) Refer back to Rule #1!!!

Race Settings For 2015 Season:
1) Turn yellow flags OFF! We do this to make a fair playing ground, because of the inconsistency in the AI
2) Run with 15 AI opponents (15 + you = 16 cars total). This stands for all classes and mods
3) Race format set to “Laps” = 30 laps
4) Fuel, Tire Wear, and Mechanical Failures set to normal
5) Damage set to 100%. This prevents you from just shoving your way through traffic
6) All aids except auto clutch should be turned off  (these “aids” usually slow you down anyway)
7) Race Start Time is totally up to you
8) Set the AI strength % to your choice.  This is setup so you can run up front in your personal race regardless of your experience level.  This way everyone can have fun and win their race.  BUT if you make the AI too slow, you will run into more problems when have to lap the field.

Race Format:

  • Practice optional
  • Skip Qualifying
  • Optional Warm Up Session if you’d like
  • Race – Start dead last in 16th place and try to win
  • After your race, close rFactor and locate your race log file (see below)

How To Submit Your Results:
1) Navigate to your rFactor folder on your C: drive.
C:/Program Files (x86)/rFactor/UserData/Log/Results

2)  All your racing sessions are recorded in these XML files. Find the last file with an “R” at the end, this signifies the RACE file.  It will be called something like 2015_02_20_10_04_56_69SR.  I use a program called Champ R-esult to decode the .xml file and the program turns it into a nice readable html format.

3) Find your race file and attach it to an email.  Send the race result file to usorsracing@yahoo.com
Results must be received by 2400 central time on the day the race is due which can be found on the schedule!

4) I would HIGHLY recommend that you delete all results from your Results folder ONLY AFTER FINAL RESULTS HAVE BEEN POSTED for that event! This will make things less complicated when trying to find results to email them to me for late events. If you don’t delete your files after each race, please note that your latest race SHOULD BE at the bottom of the list (at least it is on mine).

Points Scoring System:
1) Total Time – fastest total race time wins the event
2) Person with the fastest lap during the race receives 1 bonus point
3) If 10 racers submit results and you win, you receive 10 points. If 5 racers submit and you win, you receive 5 points.

*You must finish on the lead lap in your race to win the USORS league event, though you don’t have to win your personal race
**Races will be Scored within 24-36 hours after the due date has passed and results posted to the website