Past Champions

A list of Champions needs some history along with it.  The following is the best I can remember plus I have  documentation for some of it.  If anyone viewing this has better information please let me know via the forum here.

The beginning of the league was as the National Offline Dirt Track Racing League (NODTRL).  Andrew Towne started the league while still in high school and I first raced with it, I think, in 2001.  I think that was just into the first few races of that season but Andrew from time to time has related much larger car counts than I remember so maybe the league began earlier than that.  Before Andrew left NODTRL to focus more on school, he did a summary of Champions and victories as of that time but I do not remember the year.  Now, you need to know that under NODTRL we raced the Dirt Track Racing 2 (DTR2) sim and each week we raced all three mods in that sim; prostock, modified, and late model, so there was more opportunity to win championships.  The list of Champions at the time Andrew did the summary was:
Ken Slater–9 Championships  (75 feature wins)
Ace Bruno–3 Championships (35 feature wins)
Randy Morse–2 Championships
Andrew Towne–1 Championship
Corman12–1 Championship
Chad_X–1 Championship

After Andrew left the league Chad_X was the league admin until family health issues took him away and NODTRL went dormant for a while.  I know I won more championships as well as others but I can’t recreate that.  In the fall of 2008 Andrew breathed life back into the league and renamed it USORS.  We raced the dirtfactor mod for four seasons and the champions were:
Balmond–2 Championships
Travis–2 Championships

In June of 2010 Dirtworks Designs released their Street Stock Mod:  FastPhil–Champion

The 2010/2011 Fall/Winter Season we raced the DWD Modifieds.  Beard had a big points lead when personal issues took him away from racing:

The 2011 Spring/Summer Season we are raced the DWD Late Models 2011

The 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Season we raced all three DWD Mods:
Over All Champion–twooie
Super Street Stock Champion–twooie
UMP Modified v2.0 Champion–twooie
Late Model 2011 Champion–pmon1